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  • 20140608
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    The E Club, the parent site of The E Club Social and the rest of The E Club Family, is celebrating its fifth anniversary today. Five years ago, it was a small site about Mario, Star Trek, and science, devoted to providing great information to the users of the web. Today, The E Club and The E Club Family have reached and exceeded that goal many times.

    Happy fifth, The E Club!

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  • 20110627
    Since more and more Super Mario (and hopefully Star Trek) emoticons are being added to The E Club Forums' Smilies/Emoticons Library (which members who post messages can find and access to the right of the "Message" field), I decided to give the Super Mario Emoticons (and the one Star Trek emoticon) their own categories.

    Members, when you post messages, you see the Emoticons Library, a gallery of Smilies, to the right of the "Message" field. Above the Smilies, there is a menu that says, "View more Emoticons". It may be a little cut off, making the drop-down arrow impossible to see. Just...

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  • 20110624
    To all guests of The E Club Forums who didn't register:

    The E Club Forums are hosting a once-in-a-lifetime deal. If you newly register your account on The E Club Forums, you'll receive 75 The E Club Credits- FREE!

    If you don't know already, The E Club Credits are the official currency of The E Club- financially worth $1.302378 USD, but you can't exchange The E Club Credits for cash. You can spend your newly earned The E Club Credits at, and across...

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  • 20110629
    To make The E Club Forums even better, I've introduced two new things to enhance The E Club Forums Users' experiences: The E Club Forums ForumChat and Post Title Colors. ForumChat is a chatbox on the homepage of The E Club Forums, below the box with the Google Custom Search box and all of that stuff, where users, just like Private Messaging, can chat with each other, this time, with more users connected and instantly. The second thing(s) I would like to introduce are Post Title Colors. See the title of this message? It's green! TheEClub's (my) posts will always have a green title, and Youngster502's...

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  • 20110623
    This is a very important message that all members of The E Club Forums are required to read.

    ATTENTION ALL THE E CLUB FORUMS MEMBERS: When you registered for The E Club Forums, you had to agree to The E Club Forums' Terms of Service. Now, I, TheEClub, has added on to these terms accordingly. These terms include: How to use The E Club's name correctly, how The E Club Forums relates to The E Club Family Websites, and how The E Club Forums are Copyright to the Administrators, and The E Club Family Websites. From time to time, the Administrators will update the terms, modifying...

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  • 20141220
    You can now mention other members and add hashtags to posts on The E Club Forums! @TheEClub #TheEClubForums

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  • 20130812
    Yesterday, twelve out of fourteen The E Club Family Websites had subdomains of The E Club, for example, The E Club Lite's URL is The two sites that didn't have subdomains were The E Shop and The E Club Forums (original). Today, I'm overjoyed to take The E Club Forums off that list.

    The reason why The E Club Forums didn't have a subdomain of The E Club until today is because it was created by Youngster (not me) back in June 2011. Connecting The E Club Forums to The E Club's domain was brought up multiple times, but we couldn't coordinate it. So today, I have taken...

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  • 20130805
    Over the last few days, you might have seen that certain strings of text (such as "Super Mario Bros.") are now links that go to sites like that sell things based on the string of text. These are inserted by Forumotion, and we have no control over these links. The one thing we could do is make these links gray so they don't look like actual links.

    Update, 8/14/13: Luckily, Forumotion provided a way to remove these links for guests (since members of the Forums couldn't see them in the first place), so they're now gone for everyone who views the Forums and The...

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  • 20130724
    Today, we have published the first public version of the latest redesign for The E Club Forums. It's impossible not to notice this redesign; just like on The E Club Arcade, the Forums' entire color scheme has been inverted. Instead of a completely black background with light text (like on the Arcade), The E Club Forums now has a white-on-gray background with darker text. We also added The E Club Family's latest CSS3 design technologies as well as the Open Sans font face to the Forums.

    This marks the fourth redesign...

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  • 20120717
    Some general updates about the Forums.
    The E Club Forums is better than ever! A couple months ago, I did a pretty big redesign of the Forums, using all sorts of technologies to un-clutter and simplify the site. The E Club Forums now has eight members, and it is running alongside The E Club Support. I wrote about the difference between The E Club Forums and The E Club Support in my last post, and neither site has any plans of shutting down.

    Also, The E Club Forums is a little over one year old! It's about a month older than The E Club Social (although I can't remember the exact date that the Forums were created), and it's...

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  • 20120624
    I am pleased to announce the official launch of The E Club Support, the official support forums of The E Club Family. The E Club Forums will still be active because it is about Mario, Star Trek, and general The E Club Family info.

    On The E Club Support, you can join, post questions, comments, or feedback on The E Club Family, enter contests, win awards, and much more! Join today at!

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  • 20110702
    Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account? Do you want a more refined group of users that communicate with you? Are you tired of spammed messages? You have found the right post! That's right - The E Club Social is here! On July 2, 2011, I, E, thought, "The E Club has a Facebook and Twitter page, so why not do more?" And The E Club Social was born. This site gives you the opportunity to experience the power of The E Club's forum experience, powered by Forumotion; Instant Messaging (A.K.A. ForumChat); The E Club's...

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  • 20110701
    Ever since its creation, The E Club Forums and its administrators (TheEClub and Youngster502) have been working hard to improve the Forums for user satisfaction. Now it's time for Youngster and I to take a step ahead into The E Club Forums' development. Just as said in my last post about changes to The E Club Forums, I have made the switch from the graphically-advanced punBB software to the newer, standard-meeting phpBB3 software. Both the punBB and phpBB3 software were provided by, The E Club Forums' creator.

    New features on the phpBB3 version of The E Club Forums include...

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  • 20110630
    On June 8, 2012, The E Club will be celebrating three years of fun!

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  • 20110630
    The E Club Forums has changed, due to the switch from forum program punBB to phpBB3. I, E, has changed Youngster's original layout to the old The E Club Forums' actual design! There's the Federation Delta Shield from Star Trek representing if the forums are locked or not. I also changed the link colors and things. The ads are also now more camouflaged, allowing for a better experience. Comment on this post saying how this update was for you! The Super Mario Bros. (not moving) Emoticons have a white background now, like this:

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  • 20110629
    I am here again to explain two new changes in The E Club Forums: The E Club Forums TrafficExchange (Beta) and changes to The E Club Forums' Groups, such as members, and administrators.

    What is TrafficExchange? The E Club Forums TrafficExchange Beta is provided by Forumotion, The E Club Forums' creator. Renamed by me, TrafficExchange is a system of promotion to The E Club Forums. By displaying links to similar Forumotion forums at the bottom of each of its posts, The E Club Forums creates a stable relationship with similar Forumotion forums. If a user clicks on one of...

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  • 20110627
    I'm back with some more updates for memberships and rankings. Along with our prestigious ranks, The E Club Forums also has groups. These are the groups that you can go into when you first sign up. Here are the groups and their descriptions: (I added some more.)

    Members - Just regular members. They become members by signing up for the Forums.

    NEW! Elite Members - Members that have stood out of the crowd in some way. Users in this group are chosen by administrators. This...

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  • 20110627
    In The E Club Forums, there are many ranks. Members, Platinum Members, Forum Moderators, Global Moderators, etc. You can find these ranks at the bottom of the homepage of The E Club Forums.

    Youngster and I have been doing this for a while now. We've added prestigious ranks for the Forums. Members can get higher rankings by writing lots of posts. I, TheEClub, or E, has changed the system so it is a little harder to make it to the highest ranking in the Forums. Here are the ranks that I have created and their requirements:

    Regular Forum Poster - Minimum Posts: 1

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  • 20110627
    Yesterday, Youngster502 introduced Super Mario Emoticons to The E Club Forums. Now, I take this one step further by adding...MOVING Super Mario Bros. Emoticons! That's right, the emoticons I put on The E Club Forums move, just like the ones on The E Club's Homepage ( Here are all of the Super Mario Emoticons total:
    , ,

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  • 20110626
    I've recently been in the progress of creating some new Emoticons that you can put in your posts to make them even more special. I finally finished, and managed to create some new Super Mario Bros. Emoticons! They are pretty cool, and you can now easily add them into your posts, signature, and private messages. In total, I've created 7, but more are still to come.

    These are the actual Emoticons I've added: ,

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  • 20110622
    Starting on the first of June, and ending at January 14, The E Club Family Websites' Anniversary Season is in full swing! The E Club (original) was created on June 8, 2009, The E Club World Blog was created on June 1, 2010, The E Club Lite was created on January 14, 2010, and all of The E Club Family Websites' anniversaries fall in between June and January. June is the greatest anniversary month, where FOUR of The E Club Family Websites were born - The E Club, The E Club World, and The E Club Forums 1+2.

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  • 20110622
    I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox 5.0, and The E Club Forums is fully functional, just like in Firefox 4. (Firefox 5 even looks the same as Firefox 4!) I conveniently also have Google Chrome installed in my computer, and it works there. The only thing different is that the Menu Bar is at the top of the whole page, instead of the bottom of the header. I'm not sure about Internet Explorer - If anyone finds out that the Forums work in IE, tell me so I can write it here. Just like Youngster said in the last post, The E Club Forums is compatible with mobile devices, including the iPod Touch, thanks...

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  • 20110622
    Recently, I've been tweaking around with my new iPhone 4. After pressing some buttons and playing some Angry Birds, I realized that the phone had a mobile Internet hotspot and browser. So, being very curious, I typed in the web address for The E Club Forums. I waited for the excited look that would come soon across my face. And I had it- The E Club Forums On the Go!

    Version 1.1 - June 22, 2011
    Forumotion, our forum hoster, has generously donated the mobile versions of every forum that it is hosting currently. So now when you enter the site on your smartphone, the convient classic...

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  • 20110622
    Hi! Welcome to The E Club Forums Blog! I'm TheEClub, also known as E, from This post is meant to show you newbies how the Forum works and how to be successful.

    First of all, you need to register in order to get the full The E Club Forums experience. Also, The E Club, the website that started the Forums and eight other "The E Club Family Websites", has a membership program.

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  • 20110619
    The E Club Forums is a community-based site originally created by Youngster for, also known as The E Club. The user TheEClub, me, is the founder of The E Club and its "family" of websites. I joined Youngster in administrating the Forums, and everything is starting to come together. This forum was a strange coincidence, because I created a site called The E Club Forums with this same URL, but it somehow got deleted. So, for some reason, Youngster created the new The E Club Forums in its place. May The...

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  • 20110619
    By adding friends, posting topics and messages and joining the site can actually earn you The E Club Credits! How much can you earn? The E Club Credits is The E Club's very own currency system! You can spend these credits all across The E Club Family Websites! You can get them here, or by doing good things as a Member/Platinum Member.

    To spend your credits, go to:

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  • 20110618
    Welcome to The E Club Forums "1"! This is a member-created forum site by Youngster. This URL is where the old The E Club Forums was, but Youngster revived it! Thanks, Youngster, for this almost exact replica of the old forums! Also, check out, as the new The E Club Forums "2". Very Happy

    If you don't know already, The E Club (first of The E Club Family Websites) is located at:

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