Welcome to The E Club Forums and the Forum Blog!

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Welcome to The E Club Forums and the Forum Blog!

Hi! Welcome to The E Club Forums Blog! I'm TheEClub, also known as E, from http://theeclub.info. This post is meant to show you newbies how the Forum works and how to be successful.

First of all, you need to register in order to get the full The E Club Forums experience. Also, The E Club, the website that started the Forums and eight other "The E Club Family Websites", has a membership program. It is recommended that you join The E Club first, and then join the Forums. That way, the Forum Administration (including me) will better recognize you and make The E Club Forums experience better for you.

Anyway, there are three types of membership in the Forums. The first one, Membership, is just, well, being a member. The step up, Moderator, allows you to moderate posts as well as write them. The highest step (nearly impossible to get to) is the Administrator group. As an administrator, you can edit the Forums, and basically do anything. The Founder, Youngster502, though, can really do anything.

You may ask, "Why is Youngster502 the founder of The E Club Forums while TheEClub created tons of sites?" Well, it was sort of a coincidence. I was the founder of The E Club Forums, at this exact URL, but then mine randomly got closed down. One day, I decided to check on the "dead" forums, and Youngster made a whole new one! So, I joined him as co-administrator and the story continues on to today.

Another question you may be thinking of may be, "Do I have to write posts?" No, but it sure is recommended. Writing posts under categories can earn you The E Club Credits, the official currency of The E Club Family Websites! Writing under some categories can give you more The E Club Credits than others. That's for mostly me to decide. Best of all, you can spend your newly-earned The E Club Credits all across The E Club Family Websites, including The E Shop, the official e-store of The E Club! So get writing!

That's basically it for the basics. Learn more about the Forums by reading The Official Guide to The E Club Forums.

Stay tuned for more Blog entries, and enjoy The E Club Forums! Very Happy
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