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The E Club Forums Membership Groups

I'm back with some more updates for memberships and rankings. Along with our prestigious ranks, The E Club Forums also has groups. These are the groups that you can go into when you first sign up. Here are the groups and their descriptions: (I added some more.)

Members - Just regular members. They become members by signing up for the Forums.

NEW! Elite Members - Members that have stood out of the crowd in some way. Users in this group are chosen by administrators. This rank is in the color blue, so it isn't really in between the Members and Platinum Members' ranks, it makes up a new category with the V.I.P. Users.

Platinum Forum Members - Just like The E Club's Platinum Members - Members who have helped the Forums. Chosen by administrators.

Forum Moderators - Special members that get to moderate some of the Forums. Chosen by administrators.

Global Moderators - Even more special members that get to moderate the whole forum. Chosen by administrators.

NEW! V.I.P. Users - A step up from the Elite Members group. Chosen by administrators.

Administrators - Only Youngster502 and TheEClub are administrators. They get to have control over the whole forum.

Well, those are all of the groups you can be in! Try to achieve Global Moderators and V.I.P. Users status! You can be in the blue group and green group at the same time! Also, remember to advance in the ranks!


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