The E Club Forums Guide #2: Discovering the Forums

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The E Club Forums Guide #2: Discovering the Forums

Post by TheEClub on June 21st 2011, 11:09 am

After you settled in for a while on The E Club Forums, you may want to explore. After all, there's a Calendar, Private Messaging, FAQ, Search, Members, Groups, and your profile. Here's what each of these are.

The Calendar is, well, a calendar, that you can write events on. This Calendar is very useful, and it will always be in the Forums' first tab on the Menu Bar.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is a collection of questions and answers that could be frequently asked by users. Over time, we Admins will write some FAQs of our own, like I did. The FAQ section will always be the second tab on the Menu Bar.

The Search Bar is a simple, drop-down search engine that you can use to search The E Club Forums. You can also use the Google Custom Search Engine to search all of The E Club Family Websites.
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