The E Club Forums Guide #5: The New Forums

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The E Club Forums Guide #5: The New Forums

Post by TheEClub on August 15th 2013, 7:23 pm

A few days ago, I wrote about The E Club Forums' new subdomain,, and before that, I wrote about the redesign of the Forums in July. Here are some things that have and have not changed within the Forums.

To start, I would like to say that even though The E Club Forums looks completely different than before and has a new subdomain of The E Club, all of the content is still the same. The E Club Family (the chain of fourteen websites that the Forums is part of) as a whole was getting redesigns, and it was certainly time for The E Club Forums to get one as well. It looks different on the outside, but all of the content and technologies - from the forum itself to the profiles to ForumChat - are still the same. They just look better now.

Another important issue is about The E Club Forums' new subdomain of The E Club. Unlike on some of The E Club Family Websites, where the old subdomain of the host redirects you to the new subdomain of The E Club, and are technically two different sites. If you log in one of the Forums' URLs, you won't be logged in on the other, but if you post content on one URL, it will show up on the other. The Forumotion subdomain may redirect to The E Club's subdomain in the future, but we can't confirm any date when this will happen. That's why we recommend that you go to when logging onto the Forums.

But here's something that I'm proud to say has changed: No more annoying link ads. The E Club Forums' host, Forumotion, has been testing link ads from VigLink, a service that inserts ad URLs into ordinary text that it thinks is keywords, making ads look like ordinary links. At The E Club, such practices are considered scamming to make money, so we quickly changed the color of the ad links so guests (users who haven't logged into the Forums) could differentiate between them and regular links. Yesterday, though, we found the solution: Simply turn them off! Forumotion actually provided a way to disable the VigLink ads! Now, guests and members alike don't see VigLink ads in the Forums.

Make sure to take the poll attached to this post and send us your feedback about these updates!


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